torstai 22. lokakuuta 2009

Start of the Project

We never had too many ork players in our group. Only couple and even then they didn't get too much time on the gaming table. We had been talking for a while to make an army for apocalypse together. First we talked about making armies for all chaos gods, then there were something hissing about more lojalist marines, but finally, I think it's pretty obvious now, we hit the jackpot.... we should make an Ork army together. It's actually damn good idea because nobody didn't want to paint 200 (or even more) ork figures. So the idea was to split up the job. Everybody would make a small part of the army that would make a great army when put together. So actually that's where this project starts.

First rule was to decide size of the armies. Everybody agreed that 1000 points is big enough for one person. It should include HQ choice, hopefully an Warboss. Every force should also be made in legal manners using the force organisation chart. After we decided to make all clans we agreed that armies should be roughly the style of the clan you were building. So no too much mekanik stuff for Goffs or hordes for Evil Sunz etc.

Because there is 7 persons taking a part in this project we decided to do include all the clans. We have one left over and he will be a Freebooter. It was fairly easy to decide who is who. Here are the makers of the clans:

Goffs – Jamo
Evil Sunz – Halonen
Bad Moons – Lauri
Snakebites – Kareinen
Blood Axes- Matti
Deathskulls -Natunen
Freebooter - Simo

Everybody will update the blog on their own as their projects go on. Most of the work will start on january 2010 but we'll hope to see some progress before that.

Project is continuing until december 2010 when we are having the final battle against Chaos. Armies will be about 10,000 points in size and should include some big machines too. You'll wait will be rewarded with pictures and reports from the final mayhem.


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