lauantai 24. lokakuuta 2009

Snakebites - 'Ere comes the horde

I was the last one to get involved with this project and the only clan still available was the snakebites. That actually fits to me pretty well, since I already have almost 2000 points of orcs and my boys are painted in a way that they can easily represent the 'bites - lot's of brown and grey used in clothing. My vehicles (those that actually are painted) are not too snakebitish, so I decided follow the fluff and leave them out all together. Almost. I have the remnants of an old chaos land raider that I have always wanted to convert into a battlewagon. I think this is the time to start that project. Enough with the talk now, here's the preliminary list:


Warboss - Klaw, kombi-scorcha, 'eavy armour 95pts
Weirdboy 55pts


20 Sluggaboyz w Nob + klaw 155pts
30 Sluggaboys w Nob + klaw 215pts
30 Shootaboyz w Nob + klaw 215pts
21 Gretchin w 2 Runtherds 83pts

'Eavy Stuff

Battlewagon w 'ard case, grot riggers 110pts
Zzzapgun w 1 extra grot and ammorunt 36pts
Zzzapgun w 1 extra grot and ammorunt 36pts

Exactly 1000pts

I might do some minor changes to the list to get some big shootas into it, but this is the core anyway. Battlewagon is purely for transport and I didn't want to slow it down with weapons, because I suspect it'll draw lots of fire go kaput early in the game.

ps. Still thinkin the for the name of the clan. It will propably have something to do with the bigger more brutal snakes than with the weak and unmanly poisonous ones.


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