torstai 22. lokakuuta 2009

Bad Moons

Name of my tribe will be Yellow Bastards, first things first you know. Army will be painted black and yellow. I will build most of the vehicles by myself and include lots of conversion work. That way I can maintain the unique feeling of my army.

Army will include these units:

Warboss in mega armour
5 Meganobs in trukk
20 Boyz
3 dethkoptas
2 Killakans
5 Flashgitz

My troops fit into 3 gategories. Meganobs + Warboss in trukk, buggy and dethkoptas are the fast moving part, Boyz and Flashgitz are slow moving sturdy group and Killa kans and the Dread is the hardhitting walkers. Main part of the army will be slow but I have some manoeuvrebility there too. I hope theres enough Bad Moon spirit left that the enemy will feel who are the Yellow Bastards.


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