tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2009

Some serious looting

I was going trough my fathers scale model collection. Most of it are aircrafts, but I knew there were something else too. I had the idea of getting my vehicles from that collection, but I got more. In the picture is presented all the crazy things I got. Most models are from the 70's or 80's. I think I have to build couple tanks, helicopters or small aeroplanes just for apocalypse. Here is presented all things I brought back to home:

Russian medium tank T 34, in scale of 1/25
Royal army medium tank Chieftan battle tank, in scale of 1/25
Patton tank, in scale of 1/35
French army medium tank A.M.X.30, in scale of 1/35
US army 155mm 109 Self-propelled Howitzer, in scale of 1/35
Bell Uh 1D Huey Helicopter, in scale of 1/32
Bell HueyCobra Helicopter, in scale of 1/32
Kaman H-43B Huskie helicopter, in scale of 1/32
+ three smaller aircrafts and a Cadillac


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