keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2009

Hmm.... what's this?

You are propably wondering what is Lepralegioona. Well, it's our old gaming group when we still lived in the same town. Lepra comes from the nickname of the town we used to live in, Lappeenranta, and legioona is of course Finnish version of the word legion. So we are the Legion of Lappeenranta if you may. Ah, and this Lappeenranta is located in eastern Finland.

Well, we still have gaming sessions together, but not as reguarly. We play mainly 40k but Fantasy Battle and other boardgames also get playing time. One of the main events for every year is a big apocalypse fight what we call Epicalypse. It's held usually just after christmas. That time of year we can get all of our friends together and fight some mean-ass battles. Usually it's not only gaming but spending time together, having sauna and mayby refreshening some old rivalries. You can guess that every year we have new projects or old ones to talk about. Usually they are huge because everybody wants to play apocalypse battles with them. It's one of these events that started this project...


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